Skincare brand d'Alba aims to give its customers a luxurious, sensory experience. The brand manufactures all its products in Korea and launches a thematic collection each season, such as its "Skin Gourmet" line-up inspired by a European formal dinner made with decadent white truffles. Among the brand's bestsellers is its White Truffle Mist Serum, White Truffle Whitening Cream, and Back to Days Clean Balm. 

d'Alba is ranked No. 1 in the competitive K-Beauty online skincare category. In particular, d'Alba's hero product White Truffle First Spray Serum has already become an Amazon bestseller, garnering good customer reviews. Due to d'Alba's quality products, it has captivated the heart of QVC&HSN.

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First Mist Spray Serum Focus on moisturize and hydrating, recommended to dry skin.

黄色经典款是保湿滋润 适合干皮宝宝

Cherry blossom is more fresh, suitable use when summer, promote skin balancing, treatment for sunburn, brightening and Whitening  oily skin is recommended to choose this.

樱花相对比较清爽的,非常适合夏天,能平衡水油、晒后修复、美白提亮。 偏油性的小姐姐可以选这款啦!



Shake well to combine the upper oil layer and the lower water layer of the spray. Hold at least 10cm away and spritz evenly across the face 4-5 times before gently patting the product in for absorption. Use after moisturizer in your nighttime routine or throughout the day for a pick-me-up.

摇匀使喷雾的上油层和下水层结合。 相距至少 10cm,均匀喷洒面部 4-5 次,然后轻轻拍打产品使其吸收。 在夜间或全天使用保湿霜后使用,以提神醒脑。